Empower, Educate, Strengthen 


Families are the cornerstone of any community. Strong families make strong communities. Strong communities create strong families. We know this better than anyone, having served as the Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) for Placer County for over 30 years.

KidsFirst works closely with other community-based and faith-based organizations as well as county agencies to ensure effective service delivery to meet the needs of children, parents and families in the community.

Our clients can rest easy knowing they have a lasting network of wellness and support to lean on.


Established in 1989 as a public, non-profit organization, our mission is to prevent and treat child abuse & neglect through education, advocacy, and counseling.


Children and families in the greater Placer County region suffering from child abuse & neglect. We offer direct programs & services in the effort to ensure all children live in a safe, healthy and nurturing home.


Offer and provide community resources, counseling, caregiver workshops, youth programs and much more!

Established in 1989 as a public, non-profit organization, KidsFirst’s mission is to treat and prevent child abuse and neglect through Education, Advocacy, and Counseling, to empower and strengthen children and families. Our vision is that all children live in a safe, healthy, and nurturing home. We are dedicated to helping families by providing them with the tools they need to cope with difficult life circumstances before they become overwhelming. With counseling and family resource centers in Auburn and Roseville, our programs target the most vulnerable children, families and neighborhoods. We strengthen families by Prevention, Intervention and Changing Lives. Our programs include Education and Outreach, Information and Referral and Wellness.

90,000 children resided in Placer County in 2018. Of that number, over 3,400 child abuse and/or child neglect allegations were made. Last year, KidsFirst served nearly 3,300 children & 2,600 families through our direct programs & services. We serve a vast and diverse population in the greater Placer County region.

KidsFirst receives client referrals through partnerships with community-based organizations and public services such as Child Welfare System and Placer County Victim Services Center. We also receive referrals from schools, courts, law enforcement agencies, and healthcare providers.

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