Daphne Copenhaver – 2024 Chairman of the Board


Reflecting upon her memories of a happy childhood spent in Atlanta, Los Lagos resident Daphne Copenhaver recalls long days spent playing outdoors with neighborhood friends, riding bicycles, and experiencing an overall sense of safety borne from growing up within a caring and connected community that looked out for her and her peers in the bustling Southeastern city. Daphne moved to the Granite Bay area with her husband David, both finding it welcoming and warm, offering great amenities and a beautiful environment to establish as a home base for their active lives and young children, now ages 5 and 9. She took painstaking care in determining the decorative elements of their new house, discovering a flair for interior design. She then turned her attention and energy to regional needs and opportunities.


Daphne rolled up her sleeves, quickly getting immersed in the community. She sought a volunteer leadership role as a way to build connections while supporting the cause that lies closest to her heart - children’s wellbeing. Daphne chose to join the KidsFirst Board of Directors. Alongside her role with KidsFirst, she keeps herself very busy as the Market Compliance Officer for Kaiser Permanente. Having received her Juris Doctor from the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law; her Master of Public Health from the University of California Los Angeles; and her Bachelor of Science from Howard University; and a certification in Healthcare Privacy Compliance, KidsFirst is lucky to have her as an integral part of our board.


Stepping into 2024, Daphne transitions into her new role on the KidsFirst board as our new Chairman of the Board. Coinciding with the organization’s 35th year of operation and during a time when the region’s needs for the mental health programs and services offered by the agency are in high, and expanding demand. Daphne recognizes that “you can feel very safe in your bubble here, and as if the bad actors are not present, when in fact they are and can get at our kids through social media, the internet, and cell phones.”


She shares “I wish people knew about the need within Placer County. We have a lot of kids that are victims of different types of abuse and with more people moving here, they aren’t aware of what’s happening.” Measures are being taken toward increasing that knowledge. Building awareness is the first step. The second, Daphne shares, is to get involved. “After community members hear and know about the problems that our kids face, I want them to know that KidsFirst is here, learn what it offers, and see how they can help whether it be by becoming a donor, partnering with KidsFirst, and discovering other ways to prevent and address child abuse and neglect.”


Daphne dedicates a large part of her free time to ensuring that Placer County’s kids and families experience the support and programs needed to keep area youth safe, and thriving.

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