Meghan Baichtal – Current Board Member/Former Board Chair

Meghan Baichtal

Our board of directors is responsible for making key decisions that impact KidsFirst’s strategy and goals. Members of the board aim to address the public’s interest through a focus on the organization’s high-level strategy, its oversight, and its accountability to partners, funders and the community. The board ensures that KidsFirst remains true to its mission. KidsFirst is fortunate to have a committed, talented and expert group of individuals serving on its board. This month we are shining a light on board member Meghan Baichtal, our former board chair.


With a B.A. from San Diego State University and an M.Ed. from Sac State, Meghan has proudly served the Roseville City School District (RCSD) for nearly 2 decades.  In 2021, Meghan began serving RCSD as its Superintendent of Personnel.


Meghan has been referring families to KidsFirst for help and tangible resources throughout her time as a professional with the RCSD.


“As an educator in Placer County, I have been a long-time supporter of referring students and families to the amazing services KidsFirst has to offer. We are grateful for this incredible community resource that we happily share with our educational partners. Since joining the Board in 2019, holding the Chair position, and now as Past Chair, I am proud of the work KidsFirst has done despite multiple obstacles to remain an organization that supports and promotes safe and healthy children and their families.”


It became clear during COVID that the need for mental health services grew tremendously. With the increase of youth being impacted by adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), requests for KidsFirst’s services have also risen. ACEs are linked to chronic health problems, mental illness, and substance use issues in adolescence and through adulthood. Creating awareness about the importance of accessing mental health services for children and youth, while also lessening any stigma attached to the topic of mental health or counseling, brings us one step closer to sustaining safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments for all children and families.


Meghan’s experience and diligence within her roles at the Roseville City School District have made a significant impact on the wellbeing of our local children and youth. Knowing KidsFirst is a place where students will get the help they need to be ready to learn and be in control of their mental health needs is a gift beyond words, one which positively effects students, families and community. For our part, we at KidsFirst are grateful to have a Meghan as our longstanding board member and active participant in the wellbeing of Placer County, for its kids and families. Thank you, Meghan!


In her free time, Meghan enjoys spending time with her family and friends, visiting her daughters in snowy Colorado and sunny Southern California, going to sporting events, attending theater performances, reading, traveling, finding new restaurants, taking trips to the beach and going on long walks.

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