New Lead Therapist – Treahna Franco

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"Treahna is a wonderful addition to our therapy team. Her leadership skills, expertise and passion for helping families in need will ensure KidsFirst remains a professional and caring facility for families in Placer County." - Debbie Gabelich (KidsFirst CEO)


Treahna brings over a decade of dedicated experience working with youth in diverse capacities. Beginning her journey as a babysitter, she quickly discovered her passion for supporting young minds and nurturing their growth. This passion led her through various roles, including athletic coach, nanny, tutor, ELA teacher, and school counselor, each contributing to her comprehensive understanding of youth development.


She pursued her academic journey at San Francisco State University, earning dual Bachelor's degrees in English Education and Psychology. These disciplines provided a solid foundation for her subsequent Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco, where she specialized in Marriage and Family Therapy. This advanced training equipped her with the skills to address complex emotional and relational dynamics within families and communities.


Treahna's professional path has been deeply influenced by her clinical work, particularly as a therapist at a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting survivors of domestic abuse. Here, she honed her ability to provide sensitive, trauma-informed care to individuals navigating challenging circumstances. Her role as a school-based wellness counselor for middle and high school students further underscored her commitment to fostering mental health and emotional resilience among adolescents.


Driven by a steadfast commitment to evidence-based therapeutic practices, Treahna continues to advocate for youth and families, striving to empower them through compassionate and effective interventions. Her multifaceted background and extensive clinical experience uniquely position her to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those she serves, embodying her dedication to promoting holistic well-being and resilience in her community.

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