Trevor Hensley – Board Member

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Trevor Hensley - a man who fights for his community and strives to help those who need it most. A resident of Placer County since childhood, Trevor has been an active member of his community. Fond memories of his youth include excursions to what was then the brand new and impressive shopping and entertainment scene at the Galleria, where he’d take in the latest movies, get presents for Christmas or birthdays, and spend time with family and friends.


Trevor’s passion for justice and interest in the legal realm were sparked at a young age, when he experienced his parents’ divorce and the resulting impact that made on his family. He participated in peer court while in high school, taking on the role of representing other students as an attorney in that program. He loved the feeling of helping others, and when approached  by a fellow student suffering from domestic abuse, Trevor felt compelled to act. He turned to his mentor, who connected Trevor’s fellow student to social services where she received the support and services she needed. This experience heightened his awareness of the ways in which a career in law could make real differences to help other children and youth suffering adverse experiences such as this.


Trevor received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science at UC Davis in Davis, California and his Juris Doctor degree in 2011 from Willamette University School of law in Salem, Oregon. A proud member of the State Bar of California, the American Bar Association, and the Family Law Section of the American Bar Association, he continues to learn and grow as a California family law advocate.


Trevor has made huge leaps from starting his own firm in 2012 to now being a partner with Herrig, Vogt & Hensley, LLP. His work in family law has expanded dramatically as an outcome of this partnership. Trevor feels “energized, fulfilled, and is brought so much joy” working with his firm. He is grateful for the position he is in today and the growth of the firm over the past decade.


The remembrance of his own mother’s struggle for justice during her divorce continues to inspire him as he continues fighting for women and children who are disempowered. Trevor has a strong love and passionate drive to ensure justice is available for families navigating challenging times. Empowering women who feel they have no power, rights, or value in their marriage or as a parent is a highlight. Not only does he strive to empower women but he also provides vital services for families navigating through these difficult times. “There are no lines when it comes to family law, it all comes down to what is best for the kids. That’s why I love working with KidsFirst, they do what is best for kids. Services that KidsFirst offers help parents realize and recognize mistakes, what they did wrong. How they heal and move forward. Empower both parents, help them realize both parents are important to their kids.”


Joining KidsFirst as a board member in 2019, Trevor has become an integral piece to the KidsFirst team. “I wanted to help the organization build what I felt was already strong and make it stay. I knew I would have someone I could trust knowing there was someone helping people in our community.” He shines as a resource, advocate and voice for many in the community, from his own clients to KidsFirst clients and to countless others in the Placer County region.


Along with his professional obligations and his role as a KidsFirst Board member, Trevor enjoys spending time with his wife Kate. Recently celebrating their marriage in September of 2023, Trevor and Kate find joy in fixing, repairing, upgrading, and making home improvements. They also love to travel and plan to continue exploring the world together.

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