Our proven programs help families solve real-life challenges & achieve lasting results


KidsFirst offers no cost, innovative programs that aim to empower and strengthen children and families. We provide free, friendly community hubs so families have easy access to a lasting network of wellness and support. We also provide concrete support to children and families in times of need.

KidsFirst responds to crises, links families to services & opportunities, and provide tools that enhance social & emotional development. The programs that we offer are enhancing family functions, improving health & well-being, and stabilizing home environments.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Identifying CSEC Training

KidsFirst has developed a new program in Placer County to address the growing challenge of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) for those in or at risk of being exploited in our community. KidsFirst provides community-based support to meet the immediate and long term needs of youth in Placer County.

The goal of this program is to connect with youth and support them with linkages, safety planning, navigating supportive systems, crisis intervention, assessments, short-term mental health services and harm-reduction education. The CSEC Team utilizes a strengths-based and trauma-informed approach to engage and build relationships with youth. The team connects with youth through community-based engagement and interventions. KidsFirst supports with linkage to a variety of services that support the overall wellbeing of our youth and their families. KidsFirst CSEC team is co-located and works collaboratively with Placer County District Attorney’s Office, Law Enforcement, Mental Health Agencies, Probation and Children’s System of Care.

Parents as Teachers

Home Visitation Program


Parents as Teachers (PAT) - A home visitation program for parents of children through age 5. Ideally, the program begins in the prenatal stage. Visits are made by a trained PAT Educator every-other-week for approximately 1 hour. This program helps parents develop strong interactions with their child, optimize learning & create healthy attachments.

Parent Educators build rapport with families, discuss child development and its stages, model great parenting, consult & coach best parenting practices, engage in parent-child activities, reinforce strengths, highlight developmental milestones & teach realistic expectations.

Pre-registration is required.

Application/Enrollment Assistance

Assistance Program

Staff are trained to answer questions about the pre- and post-examination processing of applications.
Assistance includes:
  • Calwork Enrollment
  • CalFresh Enrollment
  • Medi-Cal Enrollment
  • PG&E CARE Program Enrollment
  • PG&E FERA Program Enrollment
  • PCOE Childcare Applications
  • AMI Housing Referrals
  • Employment Development Department (EDD) Applications 
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